About me


My name is Paul aka Skyper.

Self-educated since my childhood, I am a technology and science lover with a deep passion for IT, information security and open-source software, and I am also obsessed by automation. I write software, create learning content about IT-related topics and hunt for bugs.

My curiosity led me to work in different areas such as robotics, academic research and security engineering. I have never restricted myself to one specific topic, which translates my vision that everything is interconnected and that there are many ways to express our inner creativity. For this reason, I have always kept exploring new horizons in my spare time, creating and contributing to open-source projects, participating in technological and ecological groups, etc.

Sharing knowledge and experience is also something I am really attached to. This is why I started this blog in 2011 as a first way to contribute back to the community which allowed me to learn by myself. Since then, I continued creating content such as articles in magazines, presentations, interactive tutorials and hacking challenges. When I was working for Workday, I had the possibility to lead their global CTF hacking competition. I took this opportunity to create something even bigger by organising security workshops, monthly security quizzes and other innovative initiatives like the Malware Café, a pop-up coffee shop where people could come to see real-life hacking techniques in action to demonstrate the dangers of public places (and to enjoy a cup of coffee and some pastries of course!).

For many years, one after another, I worked for different companies, from startups to big multinationals. It was a great way to diversify my experience but I then decided to try something really different and challenging. This is how I became independent professionally speaking. I can now fully use my time to help people realise their projects, create even more content and focus on research.