Email πŸ“§

Here is my email address:

With PGP πŸ”

If you have something confidential to share, please use PGP/GPG encryption to secure our communication.

My public key can be downloaded from my Keybase profile:

My PGP key fingerprint

To facilitate the encryption process, you can use this online tool. You can also use it to verify my signatures.

Without PGP πŸ”“

If you want to email me securely but you don’t know or don’t want to use PGP, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose or generate a strong password.
  2. Encrypt the password with this online tool. Only me will be able to decrypt it.
  3. Copy the encrypted password and send it to me at
  4. I will answer you with a password-encrypted email via the Tutanota webmail.

Keybase πŸ”‘

If you have a Keybase account, you can start chatting securely with me by going on my profile.

Public conversations 🐦

You can also contact me publicly via my Twitter account.